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As an international keynote speaker and author of "SHINE," Ana aims to help others develop profound insights and practical strategies to navigate disruption with clarity and purpose.


With a dynamic blend of expertise in high-level leadership roles, macroeconomics, executive advisory, organizational development interventions, and leadership strategy, Ana curates transformative experiences that ignite growth, resilience, and innovation.

Ana works with international organizations, foundations, and key actors in private sector companies across the entire globe. Operating in more than 15 countries, Ana has empowered over 2,000 people from 120 nationalities, achieving extraordinary transformations. She works both at the 'micro' level with individuals who have the potential to become nodes in the global network and at the 'macro' level, supporting strategic components of the larger system through times of geopolitical, strategic, and organizational challenges.


Her purpose is to contribute to transformations in the economic, social, and political systems.


Ana devotes a quarter of her time to working with youth from diverse backgrounds, both because she considers it strategic and because they keep her connected to the present and the future. Besides Spain, the Americas, and especially Latin America, are the regions she knows best and where she has worked the most.


She holds a Master’s in Development Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a Law Degree from Complutense and Paris XI Universities. Ana is a Fulbright Alumnus with a Certificate in Executive Coaching and a Postgraduate Degree in Organizational Development from Georgetown and Columbia Universities, respectively.


Ana believes in collective leadership and the importance of nature, beauty, and culture as contributing factors for reflection, dialogue, commitment, and progress.


Let’s shine together and create a rich life, making a meaningful impact in the world.

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