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ACCOMPLICES is a SPACE to embark on a transformative journey in good company.  Based on a powerful mix of challenge and care, it invites us to take advantage of these extraordinary times to stop along the way and make room for the new. To STOP right at this moment when it doesn't seem possible, in order to get ready for a FUTURE full of unknowns. To APPROACH what is coming with more traction and less sacrifice… and to apply what we have learned to the necessary TRANSFORMATION of our teams, our organizations and our environments.

What are we talking about?

We will convene periodically via virtual meetings of 1.5 hours every 2 weeks for 3 months. Participants are hand-picked and carefully selected for each group based on their background, diversity, experience ... but, especially because of their ambition to contribute to the “common good” agenda and because of the depth and quality of their questions.

What happens when we meet?

A mix of facilitation, dialogue, personal and collective reflection, and coaching. The possibility of broadening our perspective, accessing “state of the art” tools for the times we are living in and for what is to come.  An opportunity to develop skills that will be useful for ourselves and for our teams. And all of this while creating meaningful connections in a like-minded and supportive group in order to continue growing.

Your accomplices

Small groups composed of people from different organizations, although at similar times in their career. People who want to work from a "power with vs. "power over" " mind frame who value the importance of working in horizontal, multidisciplinary and diverse teams. Generous people willing to explore, because as it always happens in these environments, it will be from them that you will learn the most.

Your part

Make the investment involved in the Program. In some cases, your organization will cover the cost… in others, you will decide that you want to do this for yourself. 

Put the dates on your calendar and clear your schedule to be present at the sessions and to really dedicate this time to yourself and to your own development.

Stop to sharpen your mind, heart and will, and help your accomplices to do the same.

And then?

The end or the beginning? What we will experience is likely to have an immediate multiplier transforming effect, with consequences for you and for your environment.

We will also strive to help you develop your skills to facilitate future collective learning experiences, something fundamental for teams and organizations who want to be successful and grow in today's increasingly complex and interdependent context.

If you're interested

Get in touch with us through the address This way we can tell you if we are convening a group that fits your profile, send you detailed information, answer your questions and take care of the logistics. Groups are created based on your requests and are only launched when the people who are necessary to make the experience extraordinary appear.

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