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March 13, 2020

In conversation with more than 30 colourful beautiful Women from 11 UN Agencies. It was an extraordinary afternoon.

Here is evidence... 30 seconds on Playing the Game and Creating Pockets of Life in Organisations. Sometimes I believe that my ideas are as exotic as my English...:). 

If you want to know more about it... find out what the Program EMERGE is. Thank you, ladies, for having me. Specially Theresia Redigolo and Jane Drake for pulling the strings Feeling hopeful & Proud. 

December 18, 2019

Two missions, two programs, two countries... two completely different realities.  

The first two pictures are from the X Edition of the "Fundación Botín" Program for youth in Public Service in Cartagena de Indias some days ago. The only project in which I have collaborated for ten years... and I guess that a piece of my legacy.  I had the privilege of opening a Program where 3 Heads of State participated, but, even more important, if I may, Your Excellencies, were the remaining 200 participants, about 200 of my former students from all over Latin America gathered to show us how they are flowering, the impact they are already making and how they are already transforming their organisations, their institutions, their countries... and themselves.

The last two are from the fall Edition of "Leading in Complexity",  the Program I designed this year for Fundación CEDE. Wonderful trees, beautiful space and amazing shared wisdom coming from our pr...

November 4, 2019

Coming back from a weekend with my Fundación Marcelino Botín scholars.   They are part of a Program which aims at promoting Latin America´s development through strengthening its institutions, and specifically through creating a network of future leaders and change-makers who are highly qualified and truly committed to public service understood in a broad sense. 

Since the Program began, every year about 30-40 young leaders “pass through my hands” -and especially through my heart-.  This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary in Cartagena de Indias, and more than 200 alumni are coming from all over the Region.  I will be opening the Program and sharing lineup with 3 Heads of State,  amongst others.  A dream come true. 

These young leaders are my annual beauty treatment, they help me renew hope and they keep me strong and "contemporary"  instead of looking to the past for solutions for the future.  They force me to cont...

September 17, 2019

Recién llegada de Ginebra.  Deseando que a pesar de los desafíos que imponen los tiempos hayáis tenido grandes veranos y suaves retornos.  Echándoos de menos.   Casi lista para un otoño que empieza muy pronto y que nos exige ser valientes y comprometernos cada uno desde nuestra atalaya - y saliendo por tanto al menos por momentos de la trinchera - a ser parte de la solución y no del problema.

Cada vez más poderosamente consciente de las ramificaciones de la “anarquía internacional sistémica” (tomo prestada esta expresión de los expertos) y de que la ausencia de gobernanza, el menoscabo de las fuerzas “pacíficas” y una especie de alergia al diálogo generativo tiñen nuestras instituciones y espacios de debate también a nivel nacional y local, y afectan a nuestras organizaciones, nuestros equipos… y hasta a nuestras familias.  Y me consuelo pensando que este fenómeno tendría una polaridad positiva si verdaderamente proviniera de un ascenso real y de la mayoría...

June 23, 2019

Feeling proud of myself this week… Somehow, I have “fabricated” the time to escape the tyranny of action and engage on activities and conversations which I know will be very significant for me long term.  Getting ready for a new level of influence.  Among the “accomplishments” (these days less is more:), I would highlight attending a powerful presentation about the rise of neofascisms.  Truth be told, the presentation accelerated my brain particles -that was the goal, as with all the noise these days I am afraid they might freeze- but it also gave me the creeps.

In his talk, Enzo Traverso, a prominent Scholar and Historian at Cornell University, tried to respond to a -very pertinent I thought- question: which are the commonalities and the differences between the situation we are currently living in Europe and in the world and that of the period between the First and the Second World Wars.  His powerful talk made me even more conscious of the seriousness of the s...

May 15, 2019

Recién llegada de una experiencia extraordinaria... mi primera Edición como Directora Académica del Programa ICLD de la Fundación CEDE. Una semana de reflexión, encuentros con "gigantes", conversaciones poderosas y espacios para seguir haciéndonos preguntas sobre cómo contribuir a crear mejores futuros desde nuestra posición como directivos-as. Gracias a la Fundación CEDE por confiar en mí y darme la oportunidad de crear un programa de futuro, a Mireia Armengol y a Aïda Esteve por ser las mejores compañeras de viaje que habría podido desear, a todos los profesores por su presencia y su coraje y a nuestros participantes por dar lo mejor de sí mismos... Siguiente Edición... en otoño de este año. Stay put!

April 30, 2019

Just back… (why does it feel like a long time already) from my first Women in the World Conference in NYC at the beginning of the month.  Still on my first stage of digestion.  Two and a half days of intellectual stimulation, powerful testimonies from all over the world and many bodies of knowledge, enlightening debates… and profound questions for which I -we- don´t have an answer and with which we might have to live for a very long time.  

Feeling strongly that dreaming of a better future is more necessary than ever, and that those are really not times to look the other way, even if the price of courage and of rocking the boat seems to be higher than ever.  Also, with all-encompassing questions about the kind of leadership that the world needs and with ample proof that what we have is NOT it.  

There were many vital messages during these two days, and I could go on for hours, but one that stuck with me is the need to radically align our lives, our...

February 10, 2019

Sometimes I have the privilege of working with leaders who, after a while being "supporting actors" in their organisations, one day they are promoted to executive positions.

This means playing the lead... and for many it represents a "quantum leap" and it requires a change of paradigm that they have a hard time making. In fact, after a certain point, we don't get the "grade" for being " at the top of the class", and learning how to "play the game " becomes truly differential.

Open this link if you are intrigued and ready for a humorous story on "the game" and how to play it... and also if you want to practice your catalán...

Grateful to Anna Fornés and to Factor Humá Foundation for allowing me to take a step back to reflect on something which is so important... as well as for their beautiful translation.


January 10, 2019

When I look among the "usual suspects", I often find it difficult to find role-models.  Am I the only one who feels this way or is this a trend worth analyzing? Part of this feeling probably comes from the fact that many times, too many lately, the "microphone" seems to be in the hands of people who hardly deserve to be considered as a reference by anyone. On the other hand, these “messy” times force us to find different ways to manage our organizations, our economies and our societies, but most of us are so busy being perplexed that we do not find the time to become a role-model to anyone. It is also true that in these times of "excesses", some who could have played that role have instead joined the ranks of the cynics -if not the scoundrels- and have decided to focus on "individual salvation", certainly because a priori it appears much more lucrative. 

Acting as a role-model in these daring circumstances seems awfully difficult... so maybe what we need to do to avoid be...

October 17, 2018

Apenas recuperada de la “vuelta al cole”, que este año ha sido cruelmente acelerada… creo que como para casi todos.  Este curso más que nunca siento que los que me rodean están “en efervescencia”. A veces pienso que soy yo, y que es mi propia “agitación” la que “agita” la realidad -o los pedazos de ésta que elijo ver-.    Otras veces pienso que es la única opción para los que hemos decidido conscientemente no mirar hacia otro lado:).  Y después me doy cuenta de que también están “en ebullición”-y de hecho creando estados de paranoia y realidades “paralelas” con terribles consecuencias para todos- los que están intentando controlar lo incontrolable, contener las cosas que “pasan” con la esperanza de que solo les afecten a otros o de que “exploten” cuando ellos ya no estén o incluso volver -buena suerte- a tiempos pasados que nos cuentan como si hubieran sido mejores… Y comprendo que en realidad los únicos que logran tener cierto sosiego son los sabios-sabios, aparte de los que viven pre...

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