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                    "Be the Change that you wish to see in the world”

                                                                 Mahatma Gandhi

A meeting place for "kindred spirits” who have the courage and determination to change things and who are trying to identify formulas to do that with more traction and impact and less “uneasiness”.

This space is created to show "alternative" models, including people and organizations that in different areas and in different ways are part of the solution. They have in common that they are trying to contribute to “changing the world” starting with themselves.

My name is Ana de Andrés, I am an Economist and an Organisational Development Expert and for more than  20 years I have worked at the intersection of leadership and economic and social development at a global level.


Soy Ana de Andrés, Economista y experta en Desarrollo Organizacional y desde hace más de 20 años trabajo en la intersección entre el desarrollo directivo y el desarrollo económico y social a nivel global.

About me

I support personal and organizational transformation processes, focussing on individuals who are nodes in the network and who can have a direct influence on their teams an organizations and on the systems they are a part of. 

Apoyo a personas y organizaciones en sus procesos de transformación. Me centro en personas que son nodos de la red y que pueden tener una influencia directa en sus equipos y organizaciones y en el sistema del que son parte.​

What I DO

June 23, 2019

Feeling proud of myself this week… Somehow, I have “fabricated” the time to escape the tyranny of action and engage on activities and conversations which I know will be very significant for me long term.  Getting ready for a new level of influence.  Among the “accomplishments” (these days less is more:), I would highlight attending a powerful presentation about the rise of neofascisms.  Truth be told, the presentation accelerated my brain particles -that was the goal, as with all the noise these days I am afraid they might freeze- but it also gave me the creeps.

In his talk, Enzo Traverso, a prominent Scholar and Historian at Cornell University, tried to respond to a -very pertinent I thought- question: which are the commonalities and the differences between the sit...

May 15, 2019

Recién llegada de una experiencia extraordinaria... mi primera Edición como Directora Académica del Programa ICLD de la Fundación CEDE. Una semana de reflexión, encuentros con "gigantes", conversaciones poderosas y espacios para seguir haciéndonos preguntas sobre cómo contribuir a crear mejores futuros desde nuestra posición como directivos-as. Gracias a la Fundación CEDE por confiar en mí y darme la oportunidad de crear un programa de futuro, a Mireia Armengol y a Aïda Esteve por ser las mejores compañeras de viaje que habría podido desear, a todos los profesores por su presencia y su coraje y a nuestros participantes por dar lo mejor de sí mismos... Siguiente Edición... en otoño de este año. Stay put!

April 30, 2019

Just back… (why does it feel like a long time already) from my first Women in the World Conference in NYC at the beginning of the month.  Still on my first stage of digestion.  Two and a half days of intellectual stimulation, powerful testimonies from all over the world and many bodies of knowledge, enlightening debates… and profound questions for which I -we- don´t have an answer and with which we might have to live for a very long time.  

Feeling strongly that dreaming of a better future is more necessary than ever, and that those are really not times to look the other way, even if the price of courage and of rocking the boat seems to be higher than ever.  Also, with all-encompassing questions about the kind of leadership that the world needs and with ample proof...

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