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                    "Be the Change that you wish to see in the world”

                                                                 Mahatma Gandhi

A meeting place for "kindred spirits” who have the courage and determination to change things and who are trying to identify formulas to do that with more traction and impact and less “uneasiness”.

This space is created to show "alternative" models, including people and organizations that in different areas and in different ways are part of the solution. They have in common that they are trying to contribute to “changing the world” starting with themselves.

My name is Ana de Andrés, I am an Economist and an Organisational Development Expert and for more than  20 years I have worked at the intersection of leadership and economic and social development at a global level.


Soy Ana de Andrés, Economista y experta en Desarrollo Organizacional y desde hace más de 20 años trabajo en la intersección entre el desarrollo directivo y el desarrollo económico y social a nivel global.

About me

I support personal and organizational transformation processes, focussing on individuals who are nodes in the network and who can have a direct influence on their teams an organizations and on the systems they are a part of. 

Apoyo a personas y organizaciones en sus procesos de transformación. Me centro en personas que son nodos de la red y que pueden tener una influencia directa en sus equipos y organizaciones y en el sistema del que son parte.​

What I DO

May 21, 2016

I was talking recently to one of my coachees, Manager at a UN Agency, about crisis. I was surprised by his calmness,the perspective with which he spoke of the very delicate work he carries out in complex situations and countries. 

To my question about what he does to manage conflict and uncertainty wisely, his answer was: "When I get stressed out, I meditate." Knowing that he is of Lebanese descent, I asked him if he had suffered the war, and as I had imagined, he lived it fully. I was not surprised when he added that the war had taught him everything which is important in life, even though he could not say that openly in all contexts. 

How much can we profit from a well used crisis... My favorite people, those who inspire me and with whom I feel like sharing the road have that in common......

April 12, 2016

 I have recently attended a two-day global meeting for Human Resources Directors from the main United Nations Agencies. I left the Conference feeling divided... hopeful for some of the conversations and reactions I heard and experienced as well as feeling a bit "blue"... The core issue: how to contribute to the necessary reform of the United Nations from the Departments of Human Resources (HR). The part which made me hopeful: their genuine interest on making a substantial contribution to this reform. The part which made me feel "blue": their own confession that they need to define (or redefine) their contribution from a position of "being part of the business", and a certain sadness, as if some had doubts about their capacity to really influence their own organizations....

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