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Are you ready to become an influencer?

Updated: 4 days ago

I spent most of last week discussing the art of influencing within this very complex context with people from different worlds. Fun and timely. I learned some significant lessons and reviewed some assumptions which were in need of update.

One of my highlights was a panel on social cohesion that I hosted with a group of young people who definitively hold a piece of the puzzle of the future. Some of them, particularly Luc Loren are “real influencers”. 22,000 people were watching us -actually, them :) -. I would had never dreamt of having such an audience.

The other highlight was Saturday morning, which I spent with my students from the 11th Edition of Fundación Botín Institutional Strengthening Scholarships. We had a long and deep conversation about a new leadership paradigm for a world in transformation. They gave me food for thought and added some farfetched nuances to a project that I am currently working on. A project that I hope to publish soon which summarizes the essence of what I have learned working with more than 2,000 leaders worldwide.

Both experiences have me thinking about my own path and wondering which are the next steps that I am prepared to take in the pursuit of my “causes”.

What about you? What are the “causes” that deserve you at this time? What are you going to do to move the needle in the right direction? Will you just wait and see or are you prepared to become an influencer?

I would like to thank Mañana empieza hoy and Fundación Botín for providing the scenario for some of us to continue growing.

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