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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Now you know what I was doing in Dominican Republic for 10 days... changing the world through some great leaders who are contributing to redefining Education in Latin America and in Spain. It was incredibly powerful... and I am proud of them and grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by people who actually gave me hope. Also grateful to Fundación SM for trusting me to design and direct the Program. These guys were so worth all the time and effort put towards it... It was our second edition and they were 24 great human beings... I also felt spoiled and challenged at the same time.

The balance between male and female energy in the room was amazing... which reminded me of how powerful we are when we are at peace with our own energies and we play from there. These beautiful men and women also reminded me of how much more fun is to illuminate others than to shine... I am happy that I found out about this early in my life and I wish that more of the people who are at the top would truly discover how fulfilling it can be...

Go here if you want to know more or if you want to practice your Spanish...:)

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