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If you would rather watch a short movie, below the picture you will find one that will give you a good idea of my background (and an opportunity to practice mixing Spanish and English)

I have had 3 “lives”, the first as a leader working in top-notch companies in the private sector (Procter & Gamble and Grupo Danone), the second in multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (as Division Chief) and the third as a Social and Organizational Development Expert through my own practice, which I created in 2010. 

I believe in collective leadership and in the importance of nature, beauty and culture as contributing factors for reflection, dialogue, commitment, and progress.

Multilingual, I have had the privilege of working in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Over the years I have met and supported more than 2,000 people of about 120 nationalities in diverse institutions and organizations, in complex environments and in the context of strategic challenges and major organizational changes.

I support leaders from different cultures, disciplines, backgrounds, generations... I try to focus on those who are already or have the potential to become nodes in the global network. I work to achieve transformations in the economic, social, and political system, contributing to a global movement of change agents who apply energy and experience to creating better futures. My work has allowed me to witness extraordinary transformations. I try to dedicate at least a quarter of my time to the two sectors that I consider strategic for the future: Education and Youth.

I have a Master’s in development economics from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Latin America and a Law Degree from Complutense and Paris XI Universities. I am a Fulbright Alumni, and I have a Certificate in Executive Coaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Development Specialist from Georgetown and Columbia Universities respectively.

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