If you would rather watch a short movie, below the picture you will find one that will give you a good idea of my background (and an opportunity to practice mixing Spanish and English)

I have had 3 “lives”, the first as a leader working in the private sector (Procter & Gamble and Grupo Danone), the second in multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (as Division Chief) and the third as a social entrepreneur through my own practice, which I created in 2010. 

As an Economist and Organizational Development Expert, I work at the intersection between leadership and economic and social development at a global level.  Multilingual, I have extensive international experience as a result of my work in over fifteen countries across Europe, Africa and the Americas.  Through my work I have known and supported closely more than 2000 people from more than 120 nationalities, partnering with key players across institutions and organizations to drive best-in-class results in complex environments experiencing both strategic challenges and major organizational changes. 


I support leaders from many different cultures, disciplines, personal backgrounds, generations... I focus on those who already are or have the potential to become nodes of the global network.  People who are willing to take their fair share of responsibility to "change the world" by creating brighter futures for many and not just for some. Through my work I have seen extraordinary transformations take place.

I have conducted some 1000+ of consulting, 2000+ of facilitation, 800+ hours of team coaching and 2500+ hours of individual coaching, regularly at C-level. A passionate and skilled Facilitator and Keynote speaker, I have made many presentations in front of all kinds of audiences. I am also an accomplished team manager, having led more than 300 people who were part of many different teams, both regular and ad hoc I strive to devote at least a fourth of my time to the two sectors that I consider strategic for the future: Education and Youth. Finally, as a Researcher and Writer, I am interested in the intersection of leadership and public service and I am currently working on a project concerning a new leadership paradigm suited for a world in transformation. 


I hold a Master´s Degree in International Economics and Development with a focus on Latin America from Johns Hopkins University and a Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and from Paris XI University in France. I am a Fulbright Alumni, and I am trained as an Executive Coach and as an Organizational Development Specialist by the Universities of Georgetown and Columbia. I have been and I am still fortunate enough to continue to learn continuously from and to have access to some of the great thinkers of our time in various disciplines, some of whom I consider my referents.