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I conceive my work as a meeting space for "kindred spirits” who have the courage and determination to change the world and who are trying to identify formulas to do that with more traction and impact and less “uneasiness”.

This space is created to show "alternative"models, including people and organizations that in different areas and in different ways are part of the solution. They have in common that they are trying to contribute to a greater transformation starting with themselves.
I work both at the “micro” level, with individuals, and at the “macro” level, with strategic pieces of the larger system. 
I focus on creating a space of regeneration and mobilization for people who play or will play a leadership role and who are part of the global “network of hope”.   A very special “Living Room”… a space to promote self-knowledge, critical thinking and powerful action.

I believe that leadership is a way of being, not just a set of skills.

It requires presence, courage and the capacity to manage oneself and others in the face of complexity and disruption. It has more to do with being than with doing.

I work to bring about transformations in the economic, social and political system. To contribute to a worldwide movement of agents of change who apply their energy and expertise to create a better future for all of us and not just for some.
I partner with key players across institutions and organizations to drive best-in-class results in complex environments experiencing both strategic challenges and major organizational changes.

I consider change as part of life.

I partner with leaders to deepen their self-awareness so that choice and change are possible.

Leaders who are trying to develop the skills to initiate, manage and execute change.
I do all of this with the best possible combination that I can muster at any giving time of backbone and heart, bringing my whole self to the task. That means both courage and compassion… but also fun, depth, gentle irreverence and sense of humor.


I genuinely believe in our potential both as human beings and at the collective level to create beautiful, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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