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Getting close to concluding a fertile, wild, and challenging year. 

More convinced every day of the importance of contributing to creating better futures for all and not just for a shrinking minority.   And of partnering with best-in-class organizations to reach those who are or have the potential to become nodes of the “network of hope”. AND of the importance of working with YOUTH! 

Two pieces of my work with YOUTH this year from which I am especially grateful:

1.     My “mature” love.  As every year since I joined the team in 2010, I had a wonderful experience with my students -32 this Edition- from the F Marcelino Botín Program.  An initiative aimed at creating a network of highly qualified future leaders committed to public service in the broadest sense. 

To date I have worked with more than 500 young changemakers from all sectors of society in Latin America.  They have become diplomats, mayors, attorneys, advisors to their countries' political leaders, leaders in international NGOs, founders of civil society initiatives, researchers, teachers, active members of political parties with diverse political views, entrepreneurs "with a soul", analysts in large companies, officials in international organizations… 

As every year, my “botineros” have helped me renew my hope. They have also inspired me to continue "playing the game" of the larger agenda. 

2.     My “new” love, a project with FEDERACION PINARDI to support their PEP (Youth Employability Program), with more than 450 Graduates. 

I had the honor to design and lead the graduation “summit” for the 250 youth from the 2023 edition. An incredible experience for which I had the best team and the support of some of the greatest leaders from private sector organizations with whom I have worked in the past.  Individuals who spent their afternoons building bridges and understanding the realities of these young people. 

That was the starting point of something that is still a work-in-progress. Since that day, I have had the opportunity to further support the Pinardi team, composed of incredibly capable and committed professionals. And to meet some key representatives from the institutions and organizations which have been fundamental to make the project a reality. A beautiful experience, which I hope to expand in 2024, to cultivate a systemic vision of an issue which is worth every effort. 

My wish for the New Year is to keep contributing to the global conversation about hashtag#Youthhashtag#youthempowerment and hashtag#youthleadership.  To continue finding the best ways and the most amazing partners to support more and more young people in their quest to find their place in the world, deepen their self-knowledge, and remember that they have every right to FLY.  And to keep reminding myself and those around me that we do too. 

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